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We are interested in collaborating with others who share our passion for design for home-based work, and developing a networked global conversation on the implications for architecture and the city of the COVID-related shift in working patterns. We are open to all your ideas but here are some initial suggestions of how you could get involved

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The Workhome Project is a fast-growing repository of writing on the architecture and urbanism of home-based work. We invite people to write for us and welcome proposals in different formats and from myriad voices. Please get in touch here if you have an idea for an opinion piece or an essay, a building review or a reflection on a particular aspect of working from home.

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Share your work

Do you have good practice, work, projects, teaching to share? Get in touch with us if you would like to present your work and ideas on our platform. Use us to grow your audience, and contribute to a world-wide conversation on design for home-based work by becoming part of what we do.

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Access our Research

At the Workhome Project’s core is a unique body of research that has immense contemporary relevance, in the context of the Covid-triggered shift to home-based work as a dominant practice. Conceptualised as the architecture and urbanism of home-based work, it explores the dual-use ‘workhome’ – a building type that, combining dwelling and workplace, has existed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years in every country and culture across the world.

This research is ongoing. The Workhome Project welcomes approaches from individuals, organisations, practices etc. to work with us, to share and benefit from our findings, and to commission new work.

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Have you read an article that you think we, and our readers, should know about - about working from home or living at the workplace and its impact on people’s lives, the economy, climate change or the built environment? Send us a link here. The Workhome Project is building up a library of such articles as part of its repository of writing on the architecture and urbanism of home-based work.

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